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6 products

"Only Big Bass!" These three words aptly sum up the brand philosophy of lures DEPS which has made trophy fish research its hallmark.

Its founder, Kasumasa Okumara, is the best known of the hunters specimens in Japan. By creating the lures DEPS, he wanted to develop a line of unique products, in his image. The spirit of lures DEPS It is not so much competition or rivalry between fishermen, but rather the search for a certain style of fishing, even a lifestyle: the art and the way of catching exceptional fish.

When some fishing brands simply copy or market products based on criteria that are often more aesthetic than functional, the DEPS team continues to innovate and ruthlessly test its products. Some decoys accumulate thousands of hours of testing before being marketed!

The success and reputation of DEPS did not come about by chance, but thanks to exceptional rods and above all lures, without compromising both in terms of performance and in terms of quality.